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Título : Private sector and disaster risk reduction: The cases of Bogota, Miami, Kingston, San Jose, Santiago and Vancouver
Autor: J. P. Sarmiento
G. Hobberman
M. Ilcheva
A. Asgary
A. Majano
S. Poggione
L. Duran
Fecha de publicación : 2014
Editorial : International Journal of Disaster risk reduction
Abstract: A study on the private sector and disaster risk reduction (DRR) was conducted in six cities of the Americas: Bogotá (Colombia), Miami, Florida (UnitedStates), SanJosé (CostaRica), Santiago (Chile), Kingston (Jamaica), and Vancouver (Canada). The study was led by FIU and supported by USAID/OFDA and the UNISDR, with collaboration from researchers of INCAE Business School (Costa Rica), the University of Chile, Ohio University, and York University (Canada). Based on response ston early 1200 surveys, the key findings indicated that (1)56 % of respondents do not have a business continuity plan (BCP) in place- (2) 36.5 % of businesses considered a BCP desirable, but stated that other priorities take precedence- (3) the lack of protection in the private sector is caused by not only financial constraints, but also the still not well - understood problems of avoidance, the competing priorities excuse, narrow decisión making, and concerns about accountability- (4) small businessess how the least progress in establishing BCPs (14%) compared to larger businesses (44.9%)- (5) there are insufficient incentives for DRR strategies to have practical impacts on business vulnerabilities and lack of resilience- (6) the implementation of regulations and enforcement mechanisms are weak to non-existent- and (7) little progress has been made in social responsibility and a sustained commitment to reducing the vulnerabilities of populations at risk. The current study offers recommendations to deepen the analysis, better understand the factors that intervene in the observed risk indifference, and identify posible interventions in order to move away from the status quo.
Cooperación: Florida International University
Idioma: en
Tipo de documento: Articulo de investigación
Departamento: Miami
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11762/19807
Palabras clave : Disaster
private sector
Latin America
business continuity
Citación : J. P. Sarmiento, G. Hobberman, M. Ilcheva, A. Asgary, A. Majano, S. Poggione, L. Duran. (2014). Private sector and disaster risk reduction: The cases of Bogota, Miami, Kingston, San Jose, Santiago and Vancouver . Miami. International Journal of Disaster risk reduction
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