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      Seismic risk assessment of schools in the Andean Region in South America and Central America 

      Evaluación de Riesgos Naturales - AL (ERN) (International Labor Office - ILO, 2010)
      During seismic disasters schools have been severely affected. In the Molise Earthquake in 2002, the San Giuliano school colapsed and killed most of the occupants (EERI 2003). In the Earthquake of Bingol, Turkey in 2003, ...

      Selection of local case studies with fully probabilistic hazard and risk assessments 

      International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering; INGENIAR Ltda (International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction - UNISDR, 2014)
      For the Global Risk Assessment of the UNISDR s Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 (GAR15), a coarse grain fully probabilistic risk assessment has been conducted at country level, obtaining in this ...