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Título : Holistic evaluation of risk in the framework of the urban sustainability
Autor: M. Carreño
O.D. Cardona
D. Suarez
A. Barbat
Fecha de publicación : 2009
Editorial : Centro Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería - CIMNE
Abstract: The risk identification, assessment and reduction are indispensable steps on theway of the sustainable development of the countries. Risk assessment requires amultidisciplinary approach that takes into account not only the expected physical damage, thenumber and type of casualties or the economic losses, but also other social, organizationaland institutional factors that contribute to risk. At urban level, for example, vulnerabilityshould be related not only to the physical susceptibility of buildings and infrastructure, butalso to the social fragility and the lack of resilience of the exposed community. The absence ofinstitutional and community organization, weak preparedness for emergency response,political instability and lack of economic health, which are development problems, contributeto increasing of risk in a geographical area. This article presents and applies a methodologyfor evaluating risk in urban center using a holistic approach. A multidisciplinary estimationof risk to guide the decision making, that takes into account geophysical and structuralaspects, and also social, economic, institutional variables, among others, is considered hereas holistic approach, involving all the aspects and comprehensive. The paper includes fourcase studies, the cities of: Barcelona, Spain- Bogotá and Manizales, Colombia- and Metro-Manila, The Philippines.
Cooperación: Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Universidad Nacional sede Manizales
Idioma: en
Tipo de documento: Articulo de conferencia
Departamento: Barcelona
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11762/19794
Palabras clave : Urban risk evaluation
holistic approach
socio-economic vulnerability
Citación : M. Carreño, O.D. Cardona, D. Suarez, A. Barbat. (2009). Holistic evaluation of risk in the framework of the urban sustainability . Barcelona. Centro Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería - CIMNE
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