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Título : Holistic seismic risk estimation of a metropolitan center
Autor: O.D. Cardona
J. Hurtado
Fecha de publicación : 2000
Editorial : 12 WCEE
Abstract: Bogotá, the Capitol City of Colombia, is a 7 million people urban center placed in a moderateseismic hazard prone area of South America. The city has 19 districts with significant physical,economical, and social differences. As a whole, the seismic risk of Bogota is high, but thecomparative risk results of its districts are very different depending on social, economic, andresilience differences. Although the city has evaluated detailed seismic microzonation andearthquake loss scenarios, it was necessary to analyze other important variables at district level toestimate the real seismic risk of each one. A comparative and holistic study was developed toinclude social, economical issues besides the seismological and engineering variables obtained ofthe detailed microzoning study. This paper presents the multidisciplinary approach used, themethodology, the results, and how the city administration might use them, from the sectoralplanning perspective, to promote mitigation measures according to the risk estimation of eachdistrict.
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Idioma: en
Tipo de documento: Articulo de conferencia
Departamento: Lisboa
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11762/19795
Palabras clave : Seismic risk estimation
Citación : O.D. Cardona, J. Hurtado. (2000). Holistic seismic risk estimation of a metropolitan center . Lisboa. 12 WCEE
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